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What are “Temperament Needs”

If you have a Temperament (and you do) then you have temperament needs.


The Air that you breathe

We can look at temperaments much like we do breathing. Your body needs oxygen and so it WILL get that air one way or another

Getting your “Temperament needs” met is something that you will get met one way or the other…just like the “air that you breathe”

So what happens when we get (or don’t get) our temperament needs met?



The Good things

Good things happen when you learn what your unique God given temperament is

– Stress can eventually be the thing of the past

– Communication will be much easier with others

– Relationships between mates, children, relatives and friends improve

– A general sense of “well being” grows which will cause an increase in bodily health

– Your career grows and you become more productive



The “not so good” things that happen when you muddle through without understanding:

– Stress grows in your life

– Your sense of “self worth/self esteem” decreases

– Relationships become more and more difficult

– You will begin to distance yourself from your mate, family, children or friends

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