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The Melancholy

What is a Melancholy?


So you may be a Melancholy? If so then you are a great “thinker”… you are “task oriented”, you can “think things through” more efficiently than any other Temperament. When someone gives you a project to look over, you can see all the little “bumps in the road” better than most. People come to you to get your opinion about something that they are working on because you are so good at giving great advice on how to do things.

More “million dollar ideas” are in the minds of Melancholies than any other temperament. People love you because you are so loyal to them. When you give your word, you keep it at all costs.

But people stress you out…sometimes it’s more than you can stand and so you go into “dark” or “black” moods. No one understands these two terms better than you do. You may stay in these moods for days, weeks, months or even years, and there seems to be no way out of these moods.

Since you have a brain that you can never seem to “shut off”, you can become moody. When you try to sleep at night that’s when the nightmare can begin. When you try to close your eyes, your brain begins to play everything bad that has happened to you that day as well as times past just like a 3 D movie. This can and will control your life if you let it…but you can learn how to control your feelings and emotions. Dr W H  Penewit and his wife Rev. Linda Penewit C.P.M. can help you develop a plan to take yourself back.

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