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The Phlegmatic

The Phlegmatic

If you are a Phlegmatic in any of the three areas of  your Temperament then you are a “well balanced” person. Since The Phlegmatic is a “blending Temperament” you may have a blend of Phlegmatic as well as the 4 other Temperaments. There are quite a few “strengths” in this temperament that makes The Phlegmatic superior in what they do. They can function well in “hostile environments” as well as friendly environments.

The Phlegmatic has “low emotional energy” so they tend to tire quickly. They will do only what they have to do to get the job done. Because of the low emotional energy that The Phlegmatic has, they are superior negotiators. They can find a way to peace between two parties in  a way that is acceptable to both parties. This is because The Phlegmatic hasn’t the energy to “fight it out” so they always fine the path to peace.

Learning how to meet The Phlegmatics Temperament Needs can bring them back to life and the ability to participate with family and friends once more. Contact us

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