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Dallas Christian Counseling

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us unique? We emphasize understanding the temperament of your fiance, spouse, child, or friend. It helps you understand their mindset, the things that get their attention, and the things that don’t.

If you can’t make it to our office, we do online counseling  ..we’re ready when you are!

Marriage/Couples Counseling

moon 3059324 1920Has your marriage lost its “spark”?

A couple can “grow apart” as time goes by if they are not continually rekindling their relationship, and seeking God’s wisdom for their marriage.

The Counselors at Dallas Christian Counseling can answer “the why behind the what” questions with accuracy.

We can help you understand yourself while understanding “why” your mate is acting/responding to you the way they are.

Healing and restoration are possible!

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression will change you into a person that you don’t recognize.

Your family and friends may be confused at your behavior, but you can’t explain to them how you feel…what you are experiencing.

Dallas Christian counseling can help with depression

The path to happiness and wholeness can be perilous, but The Counselors at Dallas Christian Counseling know the way out… they will be able to help you gain the peace, joy and motivation that you once had.


The past travels with you in your life, and the memories are always there.

Terrorizing experiences or a loss earlier in childhood, such as sexual abuse or neglect, or if you are a first responder or military/law enforcement.

If you are placed in situations that put you at greater risk for harm…you may suffer from Trauma

The Counselors are experts with trauma and can show you WHERE the pain of trauma is coming from and help you to take your life back


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