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The Supine

Are you a Supine?

The Supine is one of the five Temperaments that Dr W H Penewit and his wife Rev Linda Penewit works with in the Dallas and Fort Worth Texas areas.

The Supine Temperament is a wonderful temperament with superior strengths and a few weaknesses as well.

A Supine can interact with people that no other temperament could connect with. They have a non-invasive way to reach out to people that causes others no pain from them. It is truly amazing to watch a Supine connect with people.

“A Supine is a Supine is a Supine.” In other words, a Supine needs people. It does not matter whether they are a Supine in Inclusion, Control or Affection, the bottom line is: THEY NEED PEOPLE!

The one emotion that causes The Supine more pain than any other emotion is rejection. The Supine simply does not know how to process the emotion of rejection and so this emotion can cripple them on a minute by minute basis. Sanguines live with fears that can haunt them, and the second fear that stops the Supine cold is the fear of making decisions and the fear of being asked to lead. The Supine will seek leaders to interact with to lead them, but the thought of leadership brings terror into the heart of the Supine.

Supines have very specific Temperament Needs that must be met in a precise way. Dallas Christian Counseling can assist you in learning how to meet these specific Temperament Needs that the Sanguine has. Contact us


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